Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2013

Santa Rosa -> Reno

Today my little tour starts, which has the main goals to cycle around Lake Tahoe and the Yosemite Valley. In view of the ridiculously low hotel prices (2 nights in the 4 Star Silver Legacy for 100$) I chose Reno as my first stop on the tour.

Passed Sacramento I made a little food stop at Auburn, which as I discovered has a little charming old town, which is dominated by the Court Building. Should this tell us something?

However, back in the “good old days” they sure knew how to treat a Lady. The prison for the “naughty girls” was not actually in the Court Building, but under the main stairs! Not exactly snug.

In the old town apparently the “Old Town Pizza” is the place to go for a late breakfast or early Lunch as the place was packed full at 11 o'clock. Indeed, I can only recommend the Grilled Chicken-Mushroom Sandwich there it was great.

Next up the road was the Donner Pass (2160 m), which is not only an important road crossing of the Sierras but also for the rail way. From there another 60 Miles and I arrived in Reno the “biggest little city in the world”.

After trying my luck to become a Millionaire by betting 15$ on the slot machines (I failed miserably), I chose to go for Dinner and watch a Baseball game on the TV. From this you might guess my attitude towards gambling and I really cannot understand what makes people to come here for that. Even more than in Las Vegas the atmosphere is quite particular, everything looks like a cheap copy of something.     

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