Montag, 6. Mai 2013

Sebastopol – Coleman Valley – Russian River

The weather started this morning with some blue skies, but very soon the clouds were overcasting the sky. Nevertheless, it didn’t look too much like rain and so I choose to cycle from Sebastopol to the coast and via the Russian River back, also hoping that the weather might be a bit better on the coast.

After a few miles on the Hw 116 the ride really starts with some climbs on Graton Rd towards Ocidental, where the Coleman Valley Rd starts. The scenery reminds me to some extend to the “Franche Montagne” oder “Freiberge” in the Canton of Jura.

Which means rolling hills, open meadows and scattered woods

Traffic is again very scarce and the ride wonderful. With climbs and descents through thick woods do interlace.  

Reaching the top of the Coleman Valley climb the view is really breath-taking to the south the view stretches over extended hills and to the west there is the Pacific Ocean.

The descent to the Ocean is one of a kind and only slightly marred by the cow roasts, which, with their square bars, are very rough. However the trick really is not to slow down, but to cross them with sufficient speed.

Finally I am back to the coastal Highway Number 1 and after a few miles I arrive at Jenner and after a short rest, I started my way back to Sebastopol along the Russian River.

Here I followed to some extend the route I already rode with the Santa Rosa Cycling Club. 

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