Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013

Golden Gate - Stinson Beach

Today I will ride the HW 1 from the Golden Gate Bridge up to Stinson Beach and the Stinson Laguna. Weather today is wonderful with a strong breeze as always in the Bay. After many shots of the GG Bridge from Fort Baker, now today the other way round. 

The ride goes through Sausalito and after a first hill descents to Muir Beach, where one can also go to the Muir Forrest to walk in a secluded grove of Giant Redwood trees. Actually the place is also famous for a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJpo-z2m3dI). Muir Beach is rather small, but well protected in a bay. 

Climbing a short while and the Hw now follows the coast line. 

As always the views are fantastic, spectacular, one of a kind...

Can it get any better than this? The ride is never level, but either climbs or descents. After some miles I arrive at my „destination“ Stinson Beach. 

I continued a bit further to Stinson Laguna, which falls nearly dry at ebb tide.

After the inevitable banana and a homemade honey-granola bar from the Stinson Market (they are great and pack a lot of calories) I got back to the Golden Gate and after getting out of the bike cloth I returned to Stinson Beach on my way home with the car for a walk.  

Incredible but after 4 weeks here it is the first time that I get my feet wet in the Pacific Ocean. 

The water is really cold and there were only two Kite-Surfer out in the water.

This must be the second best thing to do out here, behind road bike riding...

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