Freitag, 3. Mai 2013

Petaluma - Tomales Bay - Petaluma

Yesterday evening, after my return from Sonora and some resting, I went for another round of the Bennet Valley Rd and Hw 12. It was very, very hot with record temperatures in the 30 degree range most over the Bay Area and humidity on 5%. Today it is still hot; however weather is expected to get cooler in the coming days.

The ride for today will take me over back routes from Petaluma to Tomales Bay and back to Petaluma again. The scenery is as you would expect from an Western in the Prairie, lots and lots of open spaces, hills, little lakes and many, many cattle. Well the Steaks do not grow on trees. One can see that the livestock here is primarily for meat production and not for milk.

There are two medium climbs on this ride, however there are not very many level sections, either one ascends or descents. The road is almost deserted, may be a car every 5-10 minutes.

The last climb opens the view on Tomales Bay, which is a part of the St. Andreas Fault line filled with sea water.    

The descent brings me on the costal highway number 1 and as usual it is a roller-coaster ride with 10-20 hm climbs-descent section and no level sections. 

The way back is through Chileno Valley Rd. 


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