Sonntag, 19. Mai 2013

Bay to Breakers / Armstrong Woods

As indicated yesterday, I had two options in mind for the program of this day. The first was to take it easy and watch the “Tour of California” who’s final stage would end today in Santa Rosa City Square. Actually already yesterday some of the roads were closed there. The second option was to ride once more through San Francisco and this was the option I chose. The reason is, that today is the famous “Bay to the Breakers” run from Embarcadero at the Bay to the far west end of Golden Gate Park were the Breaker Beach is located. The route of the run is 12 km and the whole western part of the City is a huge party, you see lots and lots of costumed people heavily partying everywhere and I have the feeling only few of them really participated at the run.

So I left home already before 8 o’clock and arrived at Fort Baker at 900. The weather is gorgeous, immaculate blue sky, clear, warm but not hot and light wind. The ride starts with the inevitable Hawk Hill Loop. 

The across the Golden Gate Bridge over the “Camino del Mar” and to the Golden Gate Park.

Some have reduced their “costume” to the max, wearing boots and a hat (if you do not consider piercings, tattoos and painted flowers as part of the costume). Of course I am much too shy to take a corresponding picture, not mentioning posting it! San Francisco at its best.

Next up the Hill of St. Ignatio...

Down to Civic Center and Markert Street...

The cold cleanliness of the skyscrapers contrasts with the view of “destroyed” people in street and the occasional smell of urine you catch at the corners. Riding down Market Street always leaves me with very mixed feelings, not because of fear or so, but of the ridiculous richness and the devastated poorness not two arm length apart from each other.    

The Transamerica Pyramid marks the end of Financial District...

... and Columbus Street (which means little Italy) begins, which will take me passed countless Italian Restaurants to the wharf...

... and there it is again time to rest my bones, before I need to confront the breezy headwind to get back across the Golden Gate to my car. 

On my way back home I made a little detour to Guerneville and rode up to Armstrong Woods again. This time with the legs still a bit hurting from yesterday, I left out to climb to the summit of Armstrong Woods Rd with its 20+ % grades. The wood itself is like a cathedral in which the trees and the light make everything “vertical” and fleeing to the sky.  

Riding amongst giants...

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  1. Come sempre le tue foto mi fanno sognare... non ti ho scritto in questi giorni ma ti ho comunque seguito....e come te ho pensato che questa bella avventura sta per queste settimane ti ho letto e visto più di tanti anni della nostra vita..e questa avventura sembra stia finendo anche per me...spero che anche quando sarai tornato aggiornerai o aprirai un'altro blog per rendere pubblico la tua passione per la bici...e per essere vicini anche se lontani..
    mi spiacerebbe perdere tutto questo..
    goditi gli ultimi giorni...
    ti penso sempre