Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

Bolinas - Muir Overlook

Today the ride is short and relaxing at the beach is long. I started from Bolinas, which is at the far end of the Bolinas Lagoon and therefore close to Stinson Beach. The place has some really nice houses and a beautiful beach, but more of this later. 

The wind is extremely breezy today, however luckily it will be tailwind for most of the climbs today. First the loop goes round the Bolinas Lagoon, where the seals take a sunbath on the sand banks and the white egrets are fishing in the shallow water.  

Here a view of the Lagoon from the climb to Muir overlook with Stinson Beach separating the Ocean from the Lagoon.

As you can see there are not many people at the beach, first it is Tuesday and second the wind is really intense with very strong gusts. However, for the moment it helps for the climbs.

The road is similar to the one between Jenner and Fort Ross I rode yesterday, which one is nicer? Impossible to decide!

On the descent, now with headwinds, the gusts may have had some 60-90 km/h speed and as much I like love my SLX 01, it is super sensitive to side winds. At some point it nearly blew me off the street into the roadside ditch.  

After a Granola Bar at the only Market in a radius of maybe 20 Miles I returned to Bolinas.

The whole time here I did see only very few Surfers, however at Bolinas they seemed to group as the parking lots were filled with cars having surf boards on the roof or in the trunk. However times change and the cars are not VW Beetles and Bullys anymore, but Lexus, Touareg, Audi or Porsche Cayenne SUVs.

According to my experience surfing is to 99.9% waiting for the perfect wave, which for many of those guys seems never to come. To take a picture of a guy actually surfing requires really great patience. The guys standing on the board with the paddle, are much more active. They paddle out ride a wave, paddle back and in 1 minute later ride another one.  

I looked for a wind protected spot and spend the afternoon observing the surfers and advance with the reading of "Moby-Dick" which I now nearly finished, what will the end by like???

Actually my reading performance as really very, very poor...

... but this actually might be a good sign.

So this was my second to last ride, which will be tomorrow with the Santa Rosa Cycling Club.

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