Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

Club Ride Number 3

Today was another club ride with the SRCC starting from Santa Rosa and up to Bodega Hw. and Ocidental. Only one Photo of the top of the Barnett Valley Rd wall (20% grade).

The rest stop was at the Wild Flower Cafe and due to a little detour I and another ride had to take (that’s the penalty for riding in front and having not much idea where to go) the ride summed up to some 85 km.  The good thing with the club rides, apart from the great company, is that they start early at 900 so that around 1300 we are finished and I have the afternoon for some shopping and housekeeping.

The track of the ride will be posted later as the Bikemap people decided to change to a new Beta Version (without leaving a possibility to go to the old version), which is completely unusable. The programmers might have previously worked for OMICRON.   

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