Sonntag, 21. April 2013

Sunday morning ride

It is 8 o'clock and the temperatures are already very pleasant and inviting for an early morning ride. I discovered that there is an extremely nice ride just starting from my front door through the Bennent Valley across the Santa Rosa River Watershed to Kenwood. So I slipped in the bike trousers and jersey and off I go. 

The road is very picturesque with the first stretch leading trough vineyards and ranch land. Turkeys are all around but very hard to catch on a photograph as they run off into the high grass as soon as you approach.

The second part, the decent, leads trough forest, where the road is like a tunnel. The decent in direction Kenwood is rather steep with stretches of 15% but really magnificent. Only the very rough road ditch (about 0.5 m high) is a bit scary and reminds you to keep a good distance to it.

In Kenwood one re-joins the HW 12 which leads back to Santa Rosa, with lots and lots of “vinobles”. If ever there is a version of Dallas to be made with competing wineries this may be the place to shot it.

Coming to think of it there was such a soap, wasn’t it “Falcon Crest”? Ahh, the 80’s….

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