Freitag, 26. April 2013

Echelon Grand Fondo

You may ask yourselves, how it came that I chose Santa Rosa as my “home base” for my bike vacations. The reason is actually that I wanted to participate in a charity cycling event, which are held in various forms all over the world, the “Grand Fondo”. Particularly it was the “Levi’s Grand Fondo” ( which attracted my interest, due to the fantastic route and due to the fact that it was set in Northern California, where it was my long time dream to cycle.

However, due to my duties at work and otherwise it was not possible in 2011 and 12 to participate and also this year only the time slot in the spring was the one which allowed me to take the very long vacations I am now enjoying.
However as I found out just by chance yesterday (on the local radio) there is another “Grand Fondo” coming up on the 18.5. right before my door steps: The Echelon Grand Fondo! 

Date and route are just perfect and I subscribed for the 125k ride, some stretches of this route I already rode (  

This will certainly be yet another highlight of my stay here and you can participate! The goal of the Grand Fondo event is fundraising for charity. This is done by sponsoring a rider individually or a team. So you can sponsor my ride and I will give here more details how to do that. 

The deal is the following if I can raise more than 300$ for charity then my entrance fee of 125$ will be waived. Now this is not really my goal, so the deal is the following one, if we can raise 150$ or more I will donate 150$ which will push the total above 300$. As there is also the intention that the effort goes “viral” on the internet, you might tell your friends and colleagues of the possibility of “sponsoring” me for this ride and make reference to this blog, so that everybody can check how hard I prepare for it ;-)       

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