Sonntag, 21. April 2013

Dash to the Coast

After my morning ride I decided that there is still enough “juice” in the legs for a second short one, without ambition and I decided that it should be a stretch along the costal highway number 1 and as Bodega Bay is the closest to Santa Rosa the goal was set. The bike in the trunk I drove to Luca’s Warf (great place for sea food).
The first stretch went actually not to the cost but to Bodega, which is some 7-8 Miles way from the coast, i.e. Bodega Bay. Does anybody remember where you have seen the following scene?

Back I went to the coast and then in direction of Jenner. To ride along the coast on a hot Sunday with the Beaches absolutely packed with people is objectively a completely stupid idea and the traffic was nearly killing me. But subjectively, as seen below, I had no choice and I couldn’t wait. What ever the traffic, this is as good as it gets, utterly unbelievable. As Arni said “I’ll be back!”

So this little excursion of 22 km added another 44 km (back and forth) to my today’s total of 80 km.


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