Samstag, 20. April 2013

Checking out the neighbourhood

So, today is the first ride I do out here in Santa Rosa and what would be more appropriate that having a look around the town. In order not to get lost my first stop was the Treck Bike store in the town centre. First I had to get some decent pressure in my tires, which is hard to do with my little hand pump. Second I needed a bike map of the area and it was indeed a wise decision to buy one, as I needed to consult it a few times even for this “simple” ride.
After having equipped me with everything I needed, I drove up the “Old Redwood Highway” out of the town and I needed to learn that the name might suggest a more “romantic” ride than it really was. The road was really busy, however not uncomfortable to ride. There were several lessons I learned very quickly:

1.       The roadsides here are scrap metal and glass depositories. First thing to do after a ride is to check the tires!
2.       The roads are not exactly smooth and you need to have all senses ready to avoid cracks and holes.
3.       The wind and the temperature drench you out! I am not a heavy drinker on the bike, which is nothing to be proud of, but I was really happy for the three cans of lemonade I had in the backpack and I really needed them. So take enough water and really enough.
4.       Santa Rosa is super bike friendly with bike lanes everywhere and the traffic is respectful to the bikers.
5.       Here bikers still know what politeness means and you get a greeting from everyone with a smile.

So up I went of the Old Redwood Hwy passed the airport and took a first little rest in the shade of a tree at restaurant which looked like you will get a very decent steak (sure need to remember this one and check it out).

At the Shilo Rd I took a left turn and then took the Windsor / Slusser Rd south which are great as they lead by some wineries and the landscape looks great with the vineyards and woods which smell very intensely a bit like eucalyptus but I am not really sure what they are. Here an impression of a “vinoble” Sonoma style.

The best things they all have wine tasting every day! 

One the way back home I got a bit lost, which was however not bad as I drove by a tree full of white  cranes (may be 40-50) which made an incredible sound.
I was still much too busy pedalling and took not far nearly enough pictures and must do better next time.  

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