Samstag, 27. April 2013

Resting Day / Fisherman’s Festival

Today regeneration is on the program, which means no cycling. I have not yet written much about the place where I stay: Santa Rosa. Well evil minded people could say that the reason is simply that there is not much to write about. That’s certainly a harsh way to put it, but may be not completely wrong. With its 150’000 inhabitants Santa Rosa make a quite relaxed and save impression. I have not yet seen neighbourhoods where I would feel very uneasy.

On the other from the architecture not too much should be expected. Santa Rosa looks like a typical West coast community. The Emipre Building at the Old Courthouse Square is one of the few older buildings. Otherwise things look like more or less anywhere else. 

The only further thing is that Down Town is divided in east-west direction by a large shopping mall the “Santa Rosa Plaza” it is like a gigantic red brick fallen between the two centres of down town.

First I wanted to visit the “Dear Machines” Fair at Half Moon Bay, which is south of San Francisco, however tried to drive too far I decided to visit something closer, the “Fish Fest” in Bodega Bay. I do not want to see snobbish, but the fair is exactly what the clichés would lead you to expect, but therefore also it has its charm.

You could find stands selling more or less everything and the question from handcrafted Ravioli rolling pin to homemade soap in any shape. What has it to do with fishery? I do not know and the people certainly didn’t care. Of course also country bands were playing.
This following is for my cousin Cri “Purtroppo non ho vinto il Quilt, che è stato il primo premio della lotteria qui.”

 Last but not least the prospect of some real good sea food helped to make the decision to come here and indeed the BBQ Oysters with Garlic-Butter were delicious.    

However they did not pack too much meat. So it was very fortunate that I run on my way back to Santa Rosa (via Petaluma) on a roadside BBQ grill were the half rack Spare Ribs made for a great lunch and dinner as well as I could only negotiate half of the portion. The ribs were a bit on the fatty side, but were super tender, abundant, spicy, sweet and sticky with one word great! The place ( gets apparently some mixed reviews, however if I need to pack some calories next time, I know where to go.  

Tomorrow I need to be at 1030 at the south side of the Golden Gate Bridge to meet up with the folks of the Mission Cycling Club for a ride.

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  1. Ciao con questo pc non ho il truduttore e non ho capito benissimo quello che hai fatto, ma ho visto il quilt e mi sono messa a ridere di gusto pensando che adesso ogni volta che ne vedrai uno mi penserai...
    e un piacere segurti entro nel blog sperando di vedere dove ti trovi e cosa hai fatto nella giornata...
    Sono felice...
    Non mi hai detto com'è viaggiare da soli...anche se in fondo non si è mai soli..
    un abbraccio e un bacio