Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013

Club Ride VI and Packing up

So today is my last ride and tomorrow I will “ride” the plane back home. But today there is still the Club Ride on the program and Paul selected a really fire cracker track with lots of climbing and fantastic view on Sonoma County.

Start (and end of course) is in Sebastopol at Ragle Park.

We started out 16 and “lost” 6 riders on the way due to blown out tires and blown out lungs.

Back in Santa Rosa it was time to clean the bike, disassemble it and then pack it in the transport suitcase.



So my Californian Dream comes to its end. After some 1200 Miles (1900 km) on the bike and 3500 Miles (5600 km, not very ecological I know...) by car all my expectations have been surpassed. I had 2 days of fog (which cleared at noon) and one day of part cloud coverage, the rest was immaculate blue sky. Every single ride has been fabulous and I felt absolutely at home in Santa Rosa. I am happy to go back home and still I wouldn’t mind to stay for a week or two more.

I certainly will be back sometimes... and may be sooner that later.   

P.S. You might notice that there is sometimes a strange "Tail" in the Club ride tracks. These tails are the wrong routes I always seemed to catch and I got a kind of a reputation for always missing at least once the right turns.

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